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About ICKRELT 2017 Conference

Knowledge resources basically meant not mere access to the information available in any format but gives emphasis on scientific and relevant organization of documents, may be in the shelf or digital archive which involve range of scientific principles and systems to organized, retrieve, disseminate the required knowledge in subject domains.  The foremost priority of knowledge resource access adhere to the specific subjects domain, alternate approaches such as regional, personal, time, materials and methods  and even analytical also need to be taken care by the knowledge resource systems.  Library technologies may of indexing, classification system, metadata, taxonomy and ontology, semantic web, folksonomy, remote sensing or of content management e-learning systems.   This both equally warrant the human interface for effective organization and right delivery of right information at right time in a more customized manner.

This Conference aimed making an effort in this direction in bridging the Gap between the user community, knowledge resources and library technologies for the provision of information services in the fast developing knowledge society.

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